L-R Rex Stephens, Kenny Moore, Jon  Corts

L-R Rex Stephens, Kenny Moore, Jon


New Franchising Master Agreement In Place

Hwy 55 Burgers Shakes & Fries will soon be a new addition to the states of Texas and Oklahoma. Founded and developed by Kenny Moore, Hwy 55 has grown in popularity and size since opening as Andy’s in 1991. A North Carolina favorite, the brand has expanded and can now be found in South Carolina, Virginia, Ohio and Florida, with stores under construction in Alabama, Tennessee, Toronto Canada and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

The 50’s themed restaurant has now caught the attention of the great states of Texas and Oklahoma.

Rex Stephens, commercial real estate developer, has purchased the rights to develop 265 locations in Texas and 38 in Oklahoma. When asked why he chose the Hwy 55 concept, he cited the great tasting food, but the “Servant Leadership” culture of the company matched his own business philosophy. And he felt Hwy 55’s core values, great food, and outstanding service would be embraced by the folks in their home states just as it has been in North Carolina. Jon Corts, originally of Winston Salem will spearhead operations for the project.

Hwy 55 founder and CEO, Kenny Moore has noted that our company can only become more successful with the addition of fine people like Rex Stephens and Jon Corts.


New HWY 55 restaurant opening soon at U Square!

u-square*600Thanks to Tom Demeropolis
Cincinnati Business Courier

Hwy 55 Burgers Shakes & Fries is scheduled to open its second location in Greater Cincinnati next week at U Square @ the Loop.
The 2,200-square-foot restaurant will open Oct. 21, located on the West McMillan Street side of U Square. Dawn Hoback, the local franchisee for Hwy 55, along with her husband, Rick, said the ’50s style family restaurant offers a good price point for college students. U Square is a $78 million mixed-use development just south of the University of Cincinnati main campus.

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Irmo SC Opens July 8th!

Posted by Tiffany Barkley (Editor), July 11, 2013 at 05:25 pmIrmoSC
Hwy 55 Burgers, Shakes & Fries, a burger joint with a 50s-style flair, is now open in Irmo.

The restaurant is located in the shopping center next to Walmart at 1180 Dutch Fork Road.

The menu features cheeseburgers, fresh-made frozen custard, cheesesteak sandwiches, shrimp burgers and more. Diners can enjoy their food to a background of rock n’ roll music and 50s-style decor.

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Hwy 55 Goes National!

Kenny MBy William Holloman
Staff Writer
It was more than two decades ago when a younger Kenny Moore opened a hamburger operation at Berkeley Mall in Goldsboro.
It turned out to be a move that determined the fate of his future, and at that time Moore felt deep inside it was a good move–somewhat of a diamond in the rough.
Twenty-two years later, there have been major changes in what was once Andy’s, but now is Hwy 55 Burgers Shakes & Fries.
Just last week, Moore and a career business associate, Guy Guthrie, were in New York where they appeared live on a CBS/Fox show.
It was a three-minute segment, and the second time Moore has appeared to reveal the details of his success story to a national audience.
After all, he did start with $500 in his pocket and a dream that had the beginnings of cementing itself for years to come.
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New Journeys on HWY 55!

DOT 55 Hwy Sign

Thus far, 2013 has been an exciting year of growth on the Highway.  Not only have several new franchisees joined the family, but several “old-timers” from inside the company have started their journey down the HWY 55 road of ownership.  President and founder Kenny Moore has made sure that even though we are franchising outside our ranks, so to speak, the folks that have been working hard to build “sweat equity” are getting their chance at the American dream as well.  Folks that have bought their own stores in the last quarter are listed below.  Want to join the family?  Visit

In February Anthony Copeland, new owner of Lake Gaston, had this to say:

“I started in Andy’s before the summer of 2005. Ryan Tucker chased me down in the Food Lion parking lot across from the newly built Andy’s of Lake Gaston and asked me if I wanted a job. I worked for him until the end of 2006 then went to the Roanoke Rapids location and worked there for a short time. I came back to Andy’s of Roanoke Rapids in 2008 and worked my way up to management within a few months then was transferred back to Lake Gaston where I worked as manager for 5 years. I can honestly say, if it wasn’t for Ryan Tucker I would have never started with Andy’s. And if it wasn’t for the support of Marcie, April, Kenny, and many others I wouldn’t be where I am today. So I thank everyone who had a part in helping me succeed and giving me something to work for.”

 Douglas McPherson Jr. started at 10th Street location in 2007, then ran Bayboro. Next stop was the Colonial Mall in Greenville, NC. He’s been in Tarboro since June 2009 and is now the proud owner.

 Clint Bray become the owner of Elizabeth City location as of February 1st. He and his fiancee have been with Andy’s for nine years. Clint says “We love what we do! We have fun and meet new people everyday, Hwy 55 has changed our life and the way we look at helping others.”

 Rob Kennedy: Rob started his journey in Gordon Road in July 2006. He moved to Beulaville in Feb 2007, and had a stint in Camp LeJuene. Rob now owns the Beulaville, NC location.


Kelly Buck started in March of 2010, and is now the proud owner of the Grifton, NC location.

Andy Lassiter started July 2001, and now owns the Columbia, NC location. Andy told us he is “just very thankful to work with a company who truly cares about its employees, and grants the opportunities to own their own restaurant.

Ronald Cannon: Ronald started in June 1995 in the Grifton location, and now owns the Kinston 2 location.

Christopher J. Pate: C.J. started in 2009, and now owns the Kinston 1 location.


Amanda Simmons now owns the Delco location.

She told us “I started as a waitress 6 years ago when i was 19 and I moved up from there. I went to school for cosmetology for about 6 months and picked up a part time job at Andy’s while in school. I found out very quickly that ANDYS/HWY55 was for me! No more hair, I like to be pretty but that’s the extent of that job!!! So 6 years later, working 15 hours a week turned into being an owner of Andys/Hwy55 of Delco. I can’t see myself doing anything other than what I am doing!”

Stay tuned to see who starts a new journey next month!

Big A On Ice Returns with The Canes!

Canes graphic 250x250It’s Ice Hockey time and for the second consecutive year Hwy 55 has partnered with the Carolina Hurricanes to bring you the Big A Challenge On Ice. We’ll send you and a friend to see the Canes play at one of many home games this season. Your mission: during the first timeout you will be introduced over the arena PA system as “tonight’s Big A Challenge contestant!” You would then begin the Big A Challenge down on the ice in the corner of the arena. Don’t worry, only a few contestants completed the challenge out of 41 home games last season. Do your best! Once the challenge is over you and your guest can return to your seats and enjoy the game. If you do happen to complete the challenge you’ll win a $100 gift card from Hwy 55 and 2 more tickets to a future Canes game! If you’re interested please email Adam Wiggins at Or, visit @Hwy55Burgers Facebook or Twitter to enter as well. Post or tweet #bigaonice. Good luck!